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Birthday Flowers

Below you will find several different birthday flower gifts. Nothing say's happy birthday... like a beautiful birthday bouquet! Order birthday flowers for that special person today and make their birthday bright with fresh flowers! Remember we offer FREE Local birthday flower delivery!  

Birthday Month Flowers

Like gemstones, flowers can represent birthdays in each month of the year. Which one is yours?
  • January: Carnations - Flowers that suggest hope and beauty, 
  • February: Iris & Violets - Flowers that suggest loyalty and faithfulness
  • March: Daffofils - Flowers that suggest happiness and joy
  • April: Daisies & Sweet Pea - Flowers that suggest innocence, love & purity
  • May: Lily of the Valley - Flowers that suggest humility & happiness
  • June: Roses - Flowers that suggest desire and enthusiasm
  • July: Larkspur & Waterlily - Flowers that suggest pure & open heart
  • August: Gladiotus - Flowers that suggest strength and integrity
  • September: Aster - Flowers that suggest faith & wisdom
  • October: Marigold  - Flowers that suggest I am thinking of you. sadness & sympathy
  • November: Mums - Flowers that suggest innocence & purity
  • December: Narcissus, Holly & Poinsettia - Flowers that suggest modesty and faithfulness